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GE Standard Cabs and Cowls (2 Volumes)

This video will feature GE models C40-8's, C40-9's, B39-8's, B40-8's and CM40-8's leading trains.  Volume 1 includes CSX C40-8's, NS C40-8's and C40-9's and BC Rail C40-8M's.  Volume 2 will feature UP C40-8's, BNSF and Nashville & Eastern B40-8's, LMX and Minnesota Commercial B39-8's, Canadian National C40-8's and C40-8M's.  Only standard cabs and cowls are shown in this program.  Projected release date Late April 2017.

BNSF, Along the Route of the Santa Fe, Volume 6 "The Marceline Subdivision"

We continue our tour of the former Santa Fe and will cover the Marceline Sub from Ft. Madison, IA to Kansas City, MO.  This program will be edited after the GE Standard Cabs and Cowls show.


SD40-2 Survivors Volume 3

Our third installment will feature more Class Ones, along with some regionals and short lines using the SD40-2's as leaders.  Projected release date TBD


SD60 Survivors

This video(s) will feature EMD SD60 series locomotives leading trains.  Other SD60 models featured will be SD60M's, SD60F's, and SD60E's.  Projected release date TBD.


Minnesota Train Action, #36, #37 & #38

I have had a lot of feedback from you the customers and with the popularity of this series, we have decided to continue.  Expected release dates are between April and June 2017.

Client Testimonial

I just received and watched your video on the "Corn Belt Lines." Awesome does not do it justice.

- Kirk Clayton

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