Dave Tate, COL (USA) Rt

Hi Fellows! Got your new disk on the Cliffs Erie Cab Ride, wow, I got a rush out of that, the work was well done and the photography was great. I have the Cliff’s on my train simulator and I could just see the line you were working. Spent most of my life in Army but never got up to that area, so it is a new experience. More Cab Rides! I started out in 1939 as a fireman on the Pennsy, so I still get thrill in the Cab and I like to play that way with my Train Simulator. Thanks again — thought it was great, excellent and worth the time to let you know! 

Dan Cepa

I just watched my recent purchase of “Along the route of the Milwaukee Road” and I must say, it is an amazing video. The first 15 – 25 minutes are awesome!! Cab view programs are interesting but this is the first time I’ve seen a cab view video that was taken from the trailing engine, which is a great perspective. Also impressive is when the camera is on the running boards of the engine, which makes the roar of the engine sound fabulous. The ground level shots were nicely done also (very artsy) and I appreciate that most crossing shots were taken with the camera set-up after the crossing, not before the crossing. That way, the echo of the horn sounds better and we can hear the roar of the engines better (since the horn isn’t blowing over the engine sound as it passes the camera). The opening shots going through Minneapolis and St. Paul in the cab are so nice that I would believe a lot of people would pay for a video that showed the whole cab ride through those 2 cities. You probably had to cut out a lot of video in that part to keep the video on pace, but you might want to consider releasing a video that shows the whole cab ride trip through those 2 cities since that video photography is so impressive. Maybe you should take a poll to see if others would also be interested in such a program.  Thanks again and another fine job!!

Dan Crean

Just received my DVD of the Corn Belt Railroad in the 1950’s. What an awesome DVD. Well worth the price. The footage was clear the color was great.  My favorite was the CGW stuff, but I’m also a big Milwaukee Road and Rock Island fan. Terrific DVD. I hope you can produce more 1950’s railroading DVD’s in the future, keep up the great work.

Mr. Paul Newsome West Yorkshire, United Kingdom

I recently bought 2 DVD’s from you. Along the Route of the Milwaukee Road Volumes 1 and 2. Having just finished watching them, I would like to congratulate you on 2 excellent programmes. The camera work was excellent with just the right amount of informative commentary. The graphics did a good job too. I have not seen programmes covering this region of the USA before, so it has made a refreshing change.

Cal Murray

Hey Guys, I recieved my DVD’s in the mail. They were tribute to the Soo Line, IC&E Volume 2 and Chicago hot spots volume 1 franklin park. They were all very very good. They were top of the line quality and you will be see more orders in the future from me. Just wanted to say stand up job and keep up the great work. Finally a place to buy High quality midwest 

Mike Jager

Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the three videos I ordered two weeks ago. They were GREAT!!!! I loved the two windy cities, and the vintage RI was very good. I also wanted to comment on the fast delivery. It was just as great! I believe I ordered on a Monday and got them on Friday!!! I ordered some other train videos from some one else before Thanksgiving, and I’m still waiting for them!!!! I just keep getting a back order notification from them!!! Very frustrating!! Why offer stuff you don’t have in stock? I don’t get it.  Anyway, didn’t mean to ramble on. Just wanted to let you know I was super pleased with the service and the quality of the videos.  Until my next order. Keep up the great work

Duke Snyder & Greg Goldman Grantsburg Society of Model RR Eng.

THANK YOU! for the great videos!!!!  A friend of mine came over Sunday and we watched it over a pizza dinner, WOW! It really brought back memories as we have both been in this area since 1970.  We agree we have watched thousands of hours or train videos, HOWEVER, this one stands out as taking us back to our teenage youth watching the Soo Line. Especially the Dresser area and north.  All we can say is THANK YOU for a great job!  Customers for life…

Dennis Albrecht

C. Vision Productions  ” A Tribute to the Illinois Central” railroad documentary has to be one of the best.  It offers the best in big city and rural railroading action during all seasons.

Kirk Clayton

I just received and watched your video on the “Corn Belt Lines” Awesome doesn’t do it justice.

Peter Capell

I just viewed the Windy City #7 Shortline DVD and must say it is excellent. As a short line fan, the production was high quality and great photography and editing. Appreciated was not having to view entire long consists over and over. The Central Illinois was a treasure. Well done. I look forward to future shortline/branchline productions.

Robert Bruce

Some positive feedback from some Aussie rail fans, some mates & I viewed the DVD’s that arrived this week & they were excellent. Really like the ex Milwaukee stuff etc as it is excellent.

Glenn J. Williams Penacook

A brief note to let you know that I was and am thoroughly impressed with the video quality on the Grand Island program. My HD set may only be 720p, but it is just like being there.  You have significantly raised the bar for others.