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By Chris Laskowski
Owner and founder of C. Vision Productions

Chris Laskowski

Ever since I was a little kid growing up in Rapid City, SD, I have been a train nut. It all started because every time we went to visit my Grandma in Grand Island, NE, we always followed the Burlington Northern Sandhills Sub between Alliance and Grand Island. And then in Grand Island, you have the Union Pacific trans-continental main line along with the BN coal line right in town. My grandfather was a railroader there. I didn’t know him very well since he passed away when I was young, but my Grandma always told me stories about the great days of railroading. The family even lived in the upper floor of the Farwell Depot at one time when he was stationed there. Every time I visit Grand Island, I always have to take some time to watch the trains. So needless to say, I grew up with trains.

C. Vision Productions was created back in 1993 as a full service video production facility. Soon after startup, I decided to take my passion of trains and my skills as a videographer and put together a line of professional railroad videos for any railroad enthusiast to enjoy. Starting with our first video “Powder River Power” (which was an experiment of sorts) I was using a VHS camcorder. We quickly graduated to a more professional line of equipment for our next video on the Chicago and North Western’s Cowboy Lines. From there, we continued to use the latest in video technology to bring you quality videos that you can enjoy for a lifetime!

I produce these railroad videos with just the right amount of narration. Enough to keep you informed, but not enough to take away from the natural sounds. In a few of our shows, there is no narration at all. This way, you can hear all the sounds you want to hear. I also like to show portions of the whole train, to give the viewer a variety of shots of the freight cars. My goal when shooting is to capture trains in a way that you can enjoy seeing them.

In the latter part of the C. Vision era, I have met a few great friends who are awesome videographers. Marshall Beecher is a Chicago resident who captured most of the LTV footage in our video “Memories of the LTV.” Marshall is also the main videographer for “High Iron Across the Hoosier State” and he also contributed footage for “Duluth, Missabe and Iron Range, The Last Days.” Marshall is a railroader and an avid photographer as well. His experience truly shows in his work.

Another videographer who came on board in 2003 is Mike Savona. Mike is a talented videographer and photographer as well. He is also a train dispatcher in the Twin Cities. Mike captured stunning images for the shows “Iowa, Chicago and Eastern” and “BNSF Southwest Images”. Both Marshall and Mike continue to capture railroading action for future C. Vision releases.

It is my goal to continue to produce quality railroad videos well into the future. If you already own any of C. Vision’s videos, I sure hope you have enjoyed them! If you are a new comer to our line of videos, I hope you get the most out of them and are pleased with what you see!

Thank you for visiting our web page and if you have any questions or comments, drop me a line!

Chris Laskowski
C. Vision Productions
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