GE Standard Cabs and Cowls, Volume 2

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This program from C. Vision Productions features trains led with the endangered GE standard cab and cowl locomotives built between 1984 and 1995.We captured many of these aging units leading trains in the years 2012 to 2017. Volume two takes a look at the B40-8’s from the BNSF, C40-8’s from Union Pacific, B39-8’s from the Minnesota Commercial and Nashville & Eastern.Finally, Canadian National’s C40-8’s and C40-8M’s.As an added bonus, we get a special look at Chicago and North Western and LMX dash 8’s from the 1990’s!

During the North Dakota oil boom years of 2012-2016, most of the class one railroads were desperate for power and brought these old workhorses back to service.Canadian National felt the need for more power and purchased all of the ex-Chicago and North Western C40-8’s from Union Pacific.And short lines like the Nashville & Eastern and Minnesota Commercial gave new life to the 4 axle versions.

With today’s trains being operated mostly with the hi tech wide cabs of EMD and GE, this show brings to life the memories standard cab fans will cherish!Watch these classic GE locomotives lead trains in “GE Standard Cabs and Cowls”, only from C. Vision Productions!

Running time 2 hours, narration on/off feature, HiFi Stereo Sound

©2017 C. Vision Productions

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