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Professional Railroad DVDs and BluRays

C. Vision Productions produces professional quality railroad videos that delight train enthusiasts of all ages. Combining the talent and experience of 30 years in the video production industry with the latest video technology, our programs give you the sensation of “Being there!” C. Vision’s railroading videos capture railroad action the way you want to see it… Professionally!

Calumet Rails, Volume 2

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The Calumet Region is the name given to the geographic areas drained by the Grand Calumet River and the Little Calumet River of northwestern Illinois and Indiana. In this region, many Chicago-destined rail lines that come from the east make a turn along with the southern edge of Lake Michigan. Several north-south lines radiating from the city cross these lines, making for a good deal of rail intersections within a very compact area. Add in all the heavy industry along the lakeshore and one can see why to this day there's such a proliferation of rail traffic in this geographical region. In volume two of our two part series we will examine rail operations of the region, within the state of Indiana. Locations include Indiana Harbor, Calumet Tower, Grasselli and Gibson. Canadian National Operations on the east end of their Matteson Subdivison are also featured at spots like Ivanhoe and Griffith and we’ll close the show with a look at some moves west of Gary in the vicinity of Tolleston. Colorful scenes of railroading on this fascinating side of Chicago conclude in Calumet Rails, Volume Two from C. Vision Productions.

Running Time 2 hours

Color, HiFi Stereo Sound, Narration on/off feature

16:9 Widescreen DVD or BluRay

©2015 C. Vision Productions

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