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Watch the largest steam locomotive in the world in operation!
Big Boy Tours the Midwest.

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Professional Railroad DVDs and BluRays

C. Vision Productions produces professional quality railroad videos that delight train enthusiasts of all ages. Combining the talent and experience of 30 years in the video production industry with the latest video technology, our programs give you the sensation of “Being there!” C. Vision’s railroading videos capture railroad action the way you want to see it… Professionally!

Griffith, Indiana

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Griffith, Indiana is a town 6 miles east of the Illinois state line and is where the Canadian National’s South Bend, Matteson, and Elsdon Subdivisions all come together. Griffith used to be one of the largest interlockings in the world.At one time 5 railroads crossed through town with the EJE having 2 lines.CN acquired the EJE in January of 2009, which ended the two railroads crossing and becoming one.The Elsdon Sub is controlled by the CSX from Chicago to Munster even though it is still owned by CN. Up until 2018, CSX was running their daily Y123 from CSX Barr Yard to Kirk Yard via Griffith until a new connection was completed from the CSX to the CN up near Kirk Yard. An average of 45 trains run daily through Griffith keeping this area busy with great railroad action!During our time of production from 2014 to 2019, the CN ran some of their rare power on local jobs in the area as Kirk Yard is good place for older units on the railroad.Anything from EJE, CN, IC, GT, and even BLE can be seen as well as run through power from all other railroads.

Photos and Videography by Jonathan Quinley

©2019 C. Vision Productions

Running Time 2 hours 20 minutes

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