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Professional Railroad DVDs and BluRays

C. Vision Productions produces professional quality railroad videos that delight train enthusiasts of all ages. Combining the talent and experience of 30 years in the video production industry with the latest video technology, our programs give you the sensation of “Being there!” C. Vision’s railroading videos capture railroad action the way you want to see it… Professionally!

SD40-2 Survivors Volume 1

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*Most of the footage in this show has been featured in our Minnesota Train Action series.

In January 1972, EMD introduced the SD40-2.This 3,000 horsepower model was one of the most reliable and effective locomotives ever developed.The SD40-2 and its 645 prime mover have operated on railroads for nearly 50 years.Once superior main line power, it has been overtaken by more efficient computerized engines.In the late twenty teens, the SD40-2 is still occasionally operating on main lines, but mostly in local or short run service.In some cases, it has been demoted to yard switching duties.Over the past decade, C. Vision has been covering railroad action around the state of Minnesota and Wisconsin in High Definition.Every train in this program features SD40-2’s leading class one main line trains in all kinds of service in this area.Volume 1 includes BNSF, Canadian Pacific, Union Pacific and Canadian National trains around the Twin Cities area.Other roads are found leading these trains including CSX, Dakota Minnesota & Eastern, Iowa Chicago & Eastern and First Union leasing.

Running Time 2 hours,Narration on/off feature, 16:9 Widescreen

©2016 C. Vision Productions

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