Watch the largest steam locomotive in the world in operation!
Big Boy Tours the Midwest.

Volumes 1 thru 40 only $9.95 each!

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Professional Railroad DVDs and BluRays

C. Vision Productions produces professional quality railroad videos that delight train enthusiasts of all ages. Combining the talent and experience of 30 years in the video production industry with the latest video technology, our programs give you the sensation of “Being there!” C. Vision’s railroading videos capture railroad action the way you want to see it… Professionally!

Minnesota Train Action #40

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Product Details

Minnesota Train Action is a continuous series devoted to
showcasing the Land of 10,000 Lakes railroad action.
C. Vision cameras cover many railroads and hotspot
locations across Minnesota to bring you exciting train action.
From the bustling Twin Cities metropolitan area to the vast
farmland and north woods, you will see a wide variety of trains.
Locations in this volume include...

  • Various BNSF, CN, CP, UP and TC&W trains in May 2017
  • Various BNSF, CN & CP trains in June 2017
  • Repainted SD-75I’s leading BNSF trains in June & July 2017
  • Various BNSF, UP, CN & CP trains in July 2017

Running time 120 minutes
Color, HiFi Stereo Sound, 16:9 Widescreen
On Screen Graphics, No Narration
Copyright 2017, C. Vision Productions

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